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Finishing process

Finishing process

Rotary cutter
Rotary Cutter and Segments

Rotary cutters and segments

High-quality rotary cutting knives made from tungsten carbide, precisely ground and polished.
We supply  upper knives, segments made of tungsten carbide  and lower knives for all common rotary cutting systems.
For older systems, upper and lower knives are also made from tool steel, professionally hardened and precisely ground.

Parts for inline stitching
nozzles, wire cutters, wire bender

Stitcher parts for rotary stitchers

Our spare parts for rotary stitching machines are suitable for stitching machines of some producer.

Our stitcher parts such as nozzles, wire cutters, wire formers are made on grinding machines of highest progression, that´s why we can ensure a precise production with a tight range of tolerance.
Most common stitcher parts can be supplied from stock, others can be made within a short delivery time.

Former and driver
Former, Driver, nozzles
gripper for stitching heads

Saddle stitcher parts

All spare parts for gathering machines and stitcher heads are manufactured on cnc machines, so we can keep an exact range of tolerances.
All spare parts can be supplied from stock.

Adhesive Binding

Adhesive Binding

We supply spare parts for various adhesive binder. All our parts are turned, milled and grinded on cnc machines, so we can keep an exact range of tolerances.